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HACCP standards and where we stand

HACCP is a food safety system designed to identify and control hazards that may occur in the food production process.

A hazard is any biological, chemical or physical agent that is likely to cause illness or injury.

The HACCP approach focuses on preventing potential problems that are critical to food safety known as 'critical control points' (CCP) through monitoring and controlling each step of the process. HACCP applies science- based controls from raw materials to finished product. It uses seven principles standardized by the Codex Alimentarius Commission.

We believe that the success of implementing and maintaining a food safety program depends on having a positive food safety culture. A food safety culture is the values of our organization with regard to food safety. We demonstrate to our employees and customers that providing safe food is an important commitment.

We believe that our food safety culture has a big impact on our food safety program. Therefore we treat it as a way of doing business and not just something that is discussed at a weekly meeting. So we consider the key elements of Food Safety as strong leadership, engagement, management visibility, accountability, effective communication and following the best practices.

In an industry where HACCP is not even mandatory, we still follow the strictest rules just so your crew can enjoy the taste of fresh meat, poultry, produce and dairy products.
This is just another way we thank our customers for choosing Deckhouse.

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