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My ship was supplied by Deckhouse Ship Supply several times during our call to USA. The service quality was outstanding, all vegetables and fruits were fresh and other foods were selected from well known brands. Consumable items were also in

very good quality and not Chinese make. I’m thankful to manager and staff of Deckhouse for this excellent service. I will keep working

with Deckhouse in future calls and fully recommend to others to work with Deckhouse Ship Supply in Gulf Coast of USA.

Master of M/V Nicea, Can International Trading Inc. Malta

Very quick response and timely supply of items as per requirement.

Master of Ardmore Sealeader,

Appreciate your company’s effort for procuring the said item, which I now know is difficult to find in the United States.

Master of BW Confidence,

I am very happy from the service provided to us on 11th Oct, 2016 at Houston

from your good company.

Master of MV Essex,