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United States is diversified with almost every culture and cuisines of the world and so are we.

We provide a comprehensive range of ethnic foods from different parts of the world so you can feel at home.
The management team at DECKHOUSE consists of ex-seafarers, so they know the importance of a good meal on board.
Good food builds morale which brings harmony and productivity.
A ship captain will not be satisfied if his crew is supplied with improper foods.
That’s the reason why we emphasize the quality in Provisions and Fresh Produce supply.
To provide longer shelf life and freshness on board, our dry and canned foods are delivered in our warehouse weekly while fresh produce ordered daily for individual ships.

The frozen products are loaded from our conveniently located warehouse cold rooms and delivered directly to the vessels with our frigorific trucks, without breaking the cold chain.

Expiration date of each product is monitored prior to the delivery operation commencement on behalf of our esteemed clients.

Fresh fruits and vegetables are kept in stock no longer than 2-3 hours prior to the delivery operation, so we preserve the freshness.

Fresh & Chilled
• Seasonal Fruits & Vegetables
• Fresh Local Meat, Poultry, Seafood and fishes
• Dairy Products, Cheese and Eggs
• Pastries, Sweets and Desserts
• Beef, Pork, Mutton Meat Cuts & Preserves
• Frozen Fruits and vegetables
• Ice Creams, Cakes and pastries
• Condiments, Sauces & Spices 
• Rice, Flour, Grains and Pulses
• Dried Fruits and Nuts
• Milk and Milk Products
• Canned Meat, Fish, Fruits &Vegetables
• Oils and Fats
Asian & Specialties
• Indian, Chinese, Filipino, Thai, Japanese, Italian and Others

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